An education fair was successfully held in Notre Dame High School on Friday, 9 August 2019, 07.00-14.00, under the theme “Choose the Best for Your Future”. This prestigious event was comprised of two main activities. Firstly, the fair itself which included the exhibition of 17 prominent universities; and secondly the presentation segments delivered by 8 universities. This education fair was aimed at introducing some of the most distinguished universities in Indonesia and particularly their programs to our beloved students.

Edufair SMA 2019 – Arsip Sekolah Notre Dame

The opening ceremony commenced with an opening prayer led by Mr Agustinus Tamtama Putra, S.Fil., followed by an activity report by Mrs Bernadina C Warsun,  S.Pd. Then a welcoming speech was delivered by our high school principal, Mrs Anastasia Sri Mularsih,  S.Pd, followed by a ribbon-cutting procession by Sister Bertin. This remarkable event was officially launched with a musical performance by some of our 10th graders.

After that, our students visited their favourite campus booths and consulted the officers enthusiastically. Some passionate students even engaged in more than 1 university presentation.

Edufair SMA 2019 – Arsip Sekolah Notre Dame

From this one-day education fair, our students have gained lots of benefits as we can read from the following testimonies below:

By participating in this Edufair, I have been given an opportunity to register directly in my favourite university. I really hope that this kind of Edufair will be held again in the upcoming years in order to connect students with universities, to prepare them for their future education.  Thank you.
(Cristo, Grade 12)

I’m grateful that Notre Dame High School organises Education Fair annually. Plenty universities are invited; and through this scholastic event, many students have been provided ample information about the eminent, popular majors of each university. I hope in the years ahead, our school will have sufficient financial assistance to invite foreign universities.
(Gregory, Grade 11)

By partaking in this Edufair, I’ve acquired lots of information regarding some universities in which I can’t find in the social media or in the internet.
(Sevinka A,  Grade 11)

This Edufair has really helped me in considering which university I’m about to choose.
(Venice S,  Grade 11)

I personally think that this Edufair has aided me a lot. Besides having been exposed to varieties of universities majors, I’ve also gained broader information about the university life. I’ve been really well-equipped by attending this Edufair.
(Keizya H, Grade 11)

This education fair ended with a joyous modern-dance and an incredible band performance by some 10th, 11th, 12 graders, and was officially closed with a gratitude prayer led by Mr FX Joko Sulistio,  M.Pd.

We hope that this education fair can contribute tremendous benefits to our students especially in helping them to decide which university that suit them best.

( Oleh: Bernadina C. Wersun, S.Pd. & Fadly Sumartio, S.S)

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